Energy, Honesty, and Life Lessons Feature in Grit & Gravitas Opening Episodes

by Monica Bishop Gallaher

April 13, 2021

On February 16, Anne Deeter Gallaher—with co-host Anne Carnathan (pronounced Annie)—launched her first-ever podcast titled Grit & Gravitas: Savvy, Spirited Stories of Success. Our team is proud to share that the duo is off to an amazing start and have successfully released eight new episodes.


In each episode, Anne and Anne share 30 minutes of #highgear business vitamins that energize, inspire, and leave listeners craving more. One listener shared, “If you are searching for a podcast with real women who are meeting challenges head-on in the workplace and in life, this is it. Relatable and useful info that just makes good sense!”


Check out the Grit & Gravitas Episode 1-8 recaps below.


  1. Today Is the Day – February 10, 2021

In the pilot episode of Grit & Gravitas, co-hosts Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan welcome listeners and outline their plan to showcase savvy, spirited stories of success from business leaders around the country. The #highgear duo dives into authentic straight talk with Anne Deeter Gallaher as the first guest. With an energetic “today is the day” spirit, Anne shares her non-traditional journey to business ownership, lessons she learned along the way, and her superpower. Don’t miss the opening episode of Grit & Gravitas.


  1. Never Give Up – February 10, 2021

More co-host fun with Anne Carnathan in the hot seat as the second guest of Grit & Gravitas. In this episode, Anne shares her path to CEO of Universal Media-Analytics. “I don't necessarily outsmart people, I outwork them,” says Anne. Learn how her no-nonsense grit paved a zig-zag path to the C-suite.


  1. Give It Your Best – February 19, 2021

In Episode 3 of Grit & Gravitas, Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan welcome special guest Nancy Ryan to the studio. Together they explore how to handle the dreaded career curveball. “Show up every day and give it your best,” Nancy advises while sharing her story of resilience and positivity.


  1. Setbacks & Comebacks – February 28, 2021

In Episode 4 of Grit & Gravitas, Anne Carnathan opens the chat by sharing a life event she never saw coming. “If I didn't have that experience at 30, nothing would be the same now. That wake-up call saved me,” she says. Meanwhile, Anne Deeter Gallaher offers an optimistic approach to negotiating crisis situations.


  1. Best Part of Someone’s Day – March 12, 2021

In Episode 5 of Grit & Gravitas, Anne Carnathan and Anne Deeter Gallaher welcome special guest Amy Beamer Murray, COO of Pavone Marketing Group. The trio dives in the deep end of resilience, connecting on a personal level with your network, and the importance of a handwritten note. Amy shares, “The goal is to be the best part of someone's day.”


  1. Fear Is Opportunity – March 23, 2021

“Do you know why I pulled you over?" This question sparked the curiosity of Kristal Turner-Childs, Director of the Pennsylvania Bureau of Forensic Services and special guest for Grit & Gravitas Episode 6. Co-hosts Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan explore Kristal's journey from childhood to working at Dauphin County Prison, all the way to her current position with the PA State Police and her new entrepreneurial venture. "I look at fear as opportunity. When fear comes in, I like to take a bite of it,” shares Turner-Childs.


  1. Find Your Balance: Can Women Have It All? – March 31, 2021

Concluding our celebration of National Women's History Month, Grit & Gravitas co-hosts Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan break down the choices and sacrifices they’ve made to be successful businesswomen. Jump into Episode 7 for their perspectives on owning your decisions, being mindful of your choices, and learning to be emotionally settled whatever season of life you’re in.


  1. How To Say No—April 13, 2021

There’s tremendous power in that tiny, two-letter word. In Episode 8 of #GritandGravitas, Anne Deeter Gallaher and Anne Carnathan explore how to say no and opportunities that can come from saying no. “Saying no means you have time to say YES to something else,” says Deeter Gallaher. Tap into the latest episode for business vitamin takeaways you can use immediately following the podcast. 



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