by Monica Bishop Gallaher

May 08, 2020

Content. It’s everywhere and it is exploding 24/7 in our newsfeeds and online. As marketers and consumers, our worlds are inundated with images, videos, and messages—now more than ever as Americans are encouraged to stay home and connect virtually. Its ever-present nature is one reason the Content Marketing Institute says content is one of the most effective ways to promote a business.


For marketing professionals, however, the amount of versatile, memorable content we must produce to give clients a winning chance to be seen and heard can be challenging in a pandemic. But, when it comes to special virtual events, a LIVE content blast can help you stand out from your competitors and be a key component in your new marketing strategy.


What is a LIVE content blast?

LIVE content is a stream of real-time tweets, Instagram stories, Instagram feed and Facebook posts that highlight a current event, conference, speaking engagement, a new ad campaign, or newsworthy happenings. The content published can include photos, videos, GIFs, quotes, boomerangs, and questions—the possibilities are truly endless. During a stay-at-home order, LIVE content blasts can leverage virtual events and live broadcast events.


How can you implement it?

  • Create a hashtag relevant to your event and include it in every published post or tweet.
  • Set up a hashtag tracker so you can analyze and evaluate your online traffic afterward. is my favorite.
  • Before the event, schedule some posts. This can include facts, information on where to attend, or anything relevant you know ahead of time.
  • If you’re in charge of the live social media posting, assign a second team member to monitor the content for potential errors, as well as follower engagement. When you’re publishing at the speed of thought, it’s easy to make spelling mistakes!
  • Think outside the box—if you were following this stream of activity what would you want to see? Behind-the-scenes info is always a win.
  • Video is king across all social platforms, so make sure you’re using it! According to Sprout Social, 67% of consumers consider video to be the most transparent type of social media posts.
  • Stay true to brand and honest in your brand voice.
  • Create an after-action report showcasing the analytics from the social blast and demonstrating ROI.


LIVE content blasts are one of my favorite job responsibilities. of my job. It is high energy, engaging, and full of original content. Whether it’s a virtual concert, an Instagram LIVE with a special guest, or a new arrivals try-on by your favorite blogger, there is always a way to ignite conversation and give followers a window into what’s happening.