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How to Get an Internship before You Graduate: 3 Must-Dos

by Anne Deeter Gallaher

Finding the right internship can be stressful, but with it comes experiences and connections that change the way you pursue a career. As Grace Munford began her quest for an internship, find out what three important tips she learned. 


5 Languages for Marketers

by Monica Bishop Gallaher

Marketers use different languages to reach our intended audiences. And we always need to focus on how we want the audience to receive our message. Here are 5 ways we can be sure our desired demographic is being reached using the marketing language they’ll respond to.

The Influence of a Powerful Network

by Monica Bishop Gallaher

Friendships, business networks, family relationships—you name it, chances are there is a line of connection to anything you may be seeking. Every encounter you experience can have a lasting and positive impression. It might even hold the key to a new adventure or career change.