by Monica Bishop Gallaher

July 27, 2022

During the week of June 25, 2022, the Deeter Gallaher Group team joined forces in Nashville, TN, for a #highgear company retreat. 
Owner Anne Deeter Gallaher, Communications Strategist Marisa Corser, and Media Strategist Monica Bishop Gallaher dialed in for a week of client strategies, brainstorming sessions, delicious local fare, and in-person fellowship. 
Here are 3 tips from Anne Deeter Gallaher on planning a company retreat:
  1. Send out a team questionnaire before the trip. What do the employees expect from a retreat?
  2. Pick a destination your whole team will enjoy. A happy, engaged team performs well!
  3. Don't overschedule. Leave lots of time for creative conversations and serendipity.
Watch her video on Instagram Reels sharing more on this at #DGGretreat 

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