Exclusive Blogger Event 2019

When Smith Land & Improvement Corporation purchased an entire block for redevelopment in Camp Hill, PA, named Neighbors & Smith, it became a catalytic project for the revitalization of Downtown Camp Hill. DGG worked with CEO Rick Jordan III as well as every tenant to create a fresh new story of thriving retail and entrepreneurial energy. Neighbors & Smith became the premier retail and office address in the heart of a walkable community. Media attention soared, as well as foot traffic and unique shopping experiences. To highlight the grand opening of Neighbors & Smith, Deeter Gallaher Group created an Exclusive Blogger Event in June 2019. 
We developed and executed an event that captured the heart of the new retail destination and revealed the personalities and fashions available to a new downtown. An incredible Instagram experience was created in real life and online. The social media influencers were treated to a very special evening of gifts, pampering, coupons, champagne, food, and stories from each shop owner. Complete with a lemon tree gift and a personal welcome from owner Rick Jordan III and his daughter Lily Jordan, the Influencers continue to talk about their one-of-a-kind experience and that "this was by far the best Instagram event we've participated in." One of the biggest ROIs for this group of influencers--most of whom had never met each other (although they lived within a 5-mile vicinity)--is that they have continued in collaborations and still publish Instagram Stories about purchases at Neighbors & Smith.