Few entrepreneurs believe they can build a company that makes a difference in the Medicare insurance industry. In fact, the incalculable federal regulations, the daunting costs to launch, the challenges of assembling a high quality team with a pioneering spirit, and the suffocating advertising and marketing restrictions would have been a death knell for almost everyone. But Michael Fiaschetti, Founder of Vibra Health Plan, was impassioned by the odds and became laser-focused on the 'How' of his unique opportunity.

"I serve with Mike on a board committee and have seen his executive leadership in action. He brings innovation, passion, and a contagious energy to an industry almost entirely focused on data, risk mitigation, and cost containment. His personal experience with a severely broken health care system is the driving force for VHP to make sure no one in the Medicare Advantage world has to endure navigating such a complicated, unwieldy journey," says Anne Deeter Gallaher.

To create marketing materials for the 65+ age demographic in Pennsylvania was exciting, although Deeter Gallaher Group knew the deadlines were ominous. Nearly every business has a Plan B when it comes to deadlines for PR and marketing, but for the initial roll-out and brand introduction for VHP, there was no margin for error! The deadline, even for marketing collateral with no regulatory compliance protocols, was extremely tight. Working seamlessly with the VHP team, DGG produced more than 50 marketing pieces including folders, postcards, Enrollment Applications, envelopes, posters, signage, and advertisements that were in-hand for Open Enrollment and helped introduce the new Medicare company to senior citizens in 17 Pennsylvania counties who had never heard of them. Understanding that the propensity to change one's Medicare Advantage Plan is very low, the VHP materials had to break through in an established market, focus on their competitive advantage of a Member Advocate, and connect with the consumers.

An opinion editorial titled "On Medicare's Frontlines: The Facts Favor Optimism" ran on PennLive.com and reached a significant percentage of the target market. The piece offered facts and insights to reassure seniors on the future of Medicare post-election.

Creativity, compelling copy, communication, and an ability to fully understand the Medicare Advantage compliance regulations were key to a successful launch and ongoing marketing campaign.








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