Every life transaction now begins with a search.

Your Digital Tattoo
Defines You.

7 Steps To Create and Protect A Powerful Digital Tattoo


You Are Who Google Says You Are.

Our resume and bio are Page 1 of Google Search. Tell your story before someone else does. Create powerful content. Set up Google Alerts on your name, mispellings of your name, and your company's name. First knowledge is a competitive advantage. You can't respond to a damaging comment or post if you don't know you're being talked about.


Show Your Personality.

Do you love the outdoors, have a passion for community service? Are you an Irish stepdancer, the pitcher in a young professionals softball league? Your social media content will help people establish an emotional connection with you. Business is no longer B2C or B2B, it’s P2P—people doing business with people.


Pack Your Twitter Bio With Business Punch.

Start with a great picture. How do you want to define your personal brand? Use hashtags. Add your college and your favorite charity. Add a link to your blog or website. Be easy to find for all the right reasons.


Add Instagram To Your Arsenal.

In addition to Facebook and Twitter, use Instagram pictures to connect with new and broad audiences. Make it easier for Millennials to find you and do business with you.


Add Your Social Media Channels.

...to your website, your blog, your business card (yes, you read that correctly), and your email signature.


Don't Just Collect Followers, Engage Them.

Social media is social and involves a two-way conversation. The astronaut you just RTed? He may be the person you want to invite to be your keynote at a national event.


Create Hashtags and Join Chats.

Hashtags can identify your events, conversations, and build your personal brand. Keep learning and sharing! #WiHG #SiHG