Mergers & Acquisitions: McClure Company

Mergers & Acquisitions in 2021 reached historic highs and set the stage for an unparalleled year of dealmaking in 2022. Key to the success of these exchanges is an M&A communications and public relations strategy. How you announce an acquisition or merger can directly impact stock prices, workforce retention, and customer loyalty—critical factors that can mean the difference between a flawless transition and a public relations disaster.

At Deeter Gallaher Group, we know the power of language. Well-chosen words assuage, inform, educate, comfort, compel, and ignite responses—we make sure the responses match the intentions. When a merger or acquisition is announced, the last thing companies need is for employees to feel forgotten, or worse, be the last to know. Are customers going to be energized by the transition or unsettled? The answer is in the plan and preparation.

Our team of PR professionals and communications experts creates:

  • Strategic communications plans that define the message for each stakeholder audience.
  • Timelines for dissemination of employee communications, investor communications, and corporate and public communications.
  • Crisis PR scenarios to best prepare for reactions, resistance, media inquiries, online responses, and social media impact.
  • Media pitches to frame the narrative and share the message on the company’s own terms.

Whether it’s a Main Street business transitioning ownership, or a multi-million-dollar mechanical construction corporation selling ownership stakes to an international partner, Deeter Gallaher Group has the expertise, talent, and resources to ensure stakeholder support and create the best opportunity to launch the new enterprise.