Setting Boundaries: The 87 Rule Will Help

by Anne Deeter Gallaher

November 29, 2023

“My cell phone vibrated through my backpack. I glanced at the screen and decided to take the call. Stepping away from my husband and the throngs of people surrounding me, I immersed myself in a client conversation. Glancing sideways at my husband, I simultaneously promised to provide a solution for the client (which required another work call following the one I was already on). The absurdity of my decision to answer my phone at that moment haunts me as a constant reminder to set boundaries: I was standing at the foot of Mount Rushmore with my husband on our wedding anniversary trip!”

If the lines between your workday and personal life are blurry at best, DGG CEO Anne Deeter Gallaher’s op-ed in Pennsylvania Business Central, “Setting Boundaries: The 87 Rule Will Help,” is for you. Through her own hard-won experience, Anne shares 5 boundaries that give all of us permission to say “No” to working around the clock, and “Yes,” to meaningful moments.

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