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Digital Goals for Small Business Owners in 2021

by Monica Bishop Gallaher

With the start of a new year comes the added excitement and pressure of developing fresh goals and resolutions. We often think about personal goals, even business goals, but have you ever considered your digital goals? I’m talking about your company’s social media channels, website, and Page 1 of Google. Check out my four resolutions to create a stronger digital presence in 2021.

Editing Is for Everyone

by Marisa S. Corser

From social media posts to letters and books, if you want to become a better writer you need to know how to edit. Whether you’re writing for business, schoolwork, or pleasure, here are five simple editing tips you can put to good use as soon as you finish reading this post.


by Monica Bishop Gallaher

Check out six tips to help you strengthen your LinkedIn profile and leverage your network in new, positive ways. 

5 Languages for Marketers

by Monica Bishop Gallaher

Marketers use different languages to reach our intended audiences. And we always need to focus on how we want the audience to receive our message. Here are 5 ways we can be sure our desired demographic is being reached using the marketing language they’ll respond to.