The Future Belongs to Students in High Gear

by Anne Deeter Gallaher

February 14, 2019

The Millersville University PRSSA organization invited me to share insights and experiences about a career in public relations. Speaking to a roomful of tomorrow's PR pros, I encouraged them to write more, stay curious, make friends with reporters and news anchors, and seek out a personal board of advisors. 

We talked about the differences between working in an agency versus a company, what happens if a campaign doesn't go well, how to make sure a campaign is successful, how a PR crisis can affect stock prices and brand reputations, and how it's imperative to keep learning new technologies, social platforms, and analytics.

Congratulations to Dr. Thomas Boyle and the Millersville PRSSA students for reaching out to the business world and inviting professionals in to speak. We look forward to welcoming your creativity and passion into the workplace.

Anne Public Relations