Successful public relations is anchored in great stories, and Duck Donuts is a great story! In fact, when we partner with clients, our first requirement is to love what they do. If we don't believe in a company's mission and vision, then our services will be hollow.

PR occurs in a 24/7 world, and we pride ourselves on putting heart and soul into every client's targeted pitches. Crafting the best angles with the most value-add to an audience and pitching them to media professionals and influencers requires genuine enthusiasm and authenticity. With every story idea, we ask ourselves, “Who cares?” With every media pitch, we tell stories that readers, consumers, and donut lovers will find meaningful and memorable.

As Duck Donuts rolls out more franchises each month across the United States, you'll read more about their “Warm, delicious & made to order!” donuts in headlines, bylines, magazines, podcasts, and even on stage!