As Duck Donuts expands into new stores and new cities, we combine the power of digital, social, and traditional media to create the ultimate customer experience.

In Fall 2016, media personalities and state stakeholders were invited to a behind-the-scenes Duck Donuts reveal to celebrate the first Duck Donuts to open in Pennsylvania, home to the founder. Duck Donuts CEO Russ DiGilio, Gary McAneney, COO, Todd Bidelman, owner of the Lancaster franchise, and the new Duck Donuts team introduced more than 20 reporters, bloggers, and photographers to the Duck Donuts story and customer experience. This created tremendous shareable content and “Google juice” for the corporation, set the stage for the store’s soft opening the following day, and gave the media photos, video, and facts to write compelling stories.

Using the hashtag #DuckDonutsPA, the Private Media Reveal unleashed an indelible digital tattoo that launched a successful new store. The Deeter Gallaher Group was able to generate preference and consideration for Duck Donuts and frame the Duck Donuts story with specific talking points, access to the franchise owner, and access to the corporate founder while generating media buzz and garnering significant earned and owned media.